European Museum Night | Paris Bike Tour

European Museum Night | Paris Bike Tour

With so many museums to visit you better get a bike!

Mark your calendar – the 16th of May is European Museum Night! Visit the museums and let them guide you through the streets of Paris.
Here are some examples of what awaits you.

On Saturday night (May 16th) the four corners of the city of light shine even brighter. Visit the museums and let them show you around Paris. Get on your bike and enjoy the sights as you make your way from one breathtaking museum to the other.

Here’s an example of tours that await you:

Tour 1
In one evening you go from the splendours of Nature to the creative architectural beauty of the city of Paris. You then get to decide what pleases you the most…
Beneath the open night sky, travel through the Tino Rossi garden-museum on your way to the
Museum of Natural History and a return to our ancestry.
After a fresh glass of water, go from the relative quiet of the museum-jungle and make your way along the illuminated banks of the Seine (bike paths) through the lively Latin Quarter to the busy urban world of The City of Architecture: How many lives does a building have? And then visit the ‘Molding Gallery’ to ”experience and learn with your hands”.
Close the visit right on time and be charmed by the 20,000 seductive lights of the Eiffel Tower.

Tour 2
If you’re itching to move get on your bike and set a course that takes you beyond the norm. At 1pm visit Mac Val d’Ivry (Contemporary Art Museum of Val-de-Marne). At 5pm experience the spontaneously inspired creations through gestures and movements or at 6pm with ‘An improvised created visit’.
Then follow les Maréchaux (bike path) with a relaxing stop at parc Montsouris (closing time
9:30pm) before arriving at the newly-opened (already famous) Fondation Louis Vuitton.
Finally, return to what you love about Paris and the recently re-opened Picasso Museum. At 8pm and 8:45pm enjoy a choreographed parade and starting from 9:30pm a ‘projection-mapping’ invites you to the l’Hôtel Salé and its star host.


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