Beneath the surface: The Treachery of Images

Beneath the surface: The Treachery of Images

The Hodler, Monet and Munch exhibition (see previous entry) at the Marmottan-Monet museum calls into question the prejudice of how art is supposed to be ‘seen’, interpreted, felt, understood. That attracts more than a little attention. But then it’s barely under way and along comes Magritte.

Beyond the idea that ‘some things are just not what they appear to be’, the Belgian surrealist painter/philosopher René Magritte exposes the disturbing ‘alienness’ beneath the surface of our attempts to impart meaning and familiarity on everything around us. Exposed to Magritte’s art, the fragile abstract nature of how we categorize things is revealed. The famous—or infamous  ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ (This isn’t a pipe) brings this to light.

The exhibition ‘Magritte: La trahison des images’ (The Treachery of Images) brings together  famous and lesser-known works. The Centre Pompidou presentation is a…completely new approach…focusing on the artist’s interest in philosophy”—well intentioned but likely to be have been called into question by the supposed ‘enfant terrible’ René Magritte. Perhaps it adds to the charm; another reason why the line-ups are long and ‘The Magritte Event’ is the talk of the town.

Not even a month in, with the crowds assembling at the Centre Pompidou day and night (well-situated near Paris Bike Tour), another evening opening has been added to ease the flow of visitors. Mondays and Thursdays the exhibit is now open until 11pm. 

Always provocative, the never before assembled wide variety of work displaying the philosophy and art of René Magritte remove you from the mundane and timelessly challenge you.  It’s worth the line-up.


Official site: Magritte – La Trahison des images 

Centre Pompidou, galerie 2, niveau 6

From September 21st, 2016 to January 23rd, 2017

Every day: 11am to 9pm; Closed on Tuesday. Open until 11pm Monday and Thursday.

Métro Rambuteau, Hôtel de Ville, Châtelet. Or better yet—come by bike! Easy and safe to get to.

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