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Enrichened by being a pioneer in guided bike tours of Paris and the surrounding area, Paris Bike Tour offers individuals as well as professionals the opportunity of experiencing an unforgettable tour of the city.
We are one of the few agencies that can guarantee you a memorable and enrichening moment in the company of our well-versed National Certified Guides – impassioned by the beauty and grace of Paris.

Paris en seine

Unique perspectives on the most famous sites of Paris while following the Seine.

Paris Eternel

The fun of riding a bike to discover the beauty and passion of Paris through the expertise of your professional guide. Historic and contemporary Paris.

Paris Populaire

The rejuvenation of eastern Paris, another view of the capital.


The most famous Queen of France

Paris Left Bank

The spirit of the Left Bank: From the Romans to New Wave.


A royal visit of Versailles

Vincennes / Bords de Marne

Nature & History at two steps from Paris

Paris By Night

Go by bike and be swept away by the magic of Paris at night

Le Marais Libertin

Uncover another Paris at night. Explore the historic Marais district and more. There’s never a quiet night in the Marais.

Bike Tour + tasting

A Parisian bike moment

Bike Tour + Museum

Free yourself from the nuisance of planning everything and waiting in line. Accompanied by an experienced National Guide combine a bike tour with a museum visit. Travel through time as you enjoy and learn about all the attractions along the way.

Bike Tour + fun activity

Everybody on their bikes!

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