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Enrichened by being a pioneer in guided bike tours of Paris and the surrounding area, Paris Bike Tour offers individuals as well as professionals the opportunity of experiencing an unforgettable tour of the city.
We are one of the few agencies that can guarantee you a memorable and enrichening moment in the company of our well-versed National Certified Guides – impassioned by the beauty and grace of Paris.

Our Classic Bike Tours

Classic but original. Explore the Right Bank or the Left Bank from another angle with Paris Bike Tour!

Paris en seine The banks of the Seine

Unique perspectives on the most famous sites of Paris while following the Seine.

Paris Eternel Heart of Paris

The fun of riding a bike to discover the beauty and passion of Paris through the expertise of your professional guide. Historic and contemporary Paris.

Paris PopulaireThe Est of Paris

The rejuvenation of eastern Paris, another view of the capital.

Our best Combo Bike Tours

When in Paris don’t miss anything—discover two themes in one tour!

Marais GourmetBike Tour + Food Tasting

Paris has always been romantic. Taste and savour the food and culture ; take a bike tour of the most ‘in’ part of the city and you’ll fall even more in love.

Fashion tour Le MaraisFashion Bike Tour

There’s window shopping and then there’s le Marais. Fashion is more than what meets the eye. Our expert guide leads you through the avant-garde Marais and the latest fashion trends. Discover the most connected boutiques, concept stores, designers and the legendary friperies vintage (thrift shops) that have made le Marais what it is today.

The Sweet MaraisBike Tour + Sweet Tasting

Let the most talked about neighbourhood of the the Right Bank whet your appetite! Discover the sweet Marais astride our comfortable bikes. From one private Hotel to the other traditional pastry does battle with fine candy and incomparable chocolates. In just a few hours return to the days of your youth and add the taste experience of a lifetime!

New Bike Tours

Customized tours for the entire family. And all of Paris in a see-more 4-hour electric bike tour!

E-Bike Tour of Paris See more. Less effort

Experience the world-renowned monuments of Paris along with the all the unusual and lesser-known charms of the city: all in 3 hours..

Combo Guided Bike Tour Bike Tour + Louvre Museum

Visiting Paris and the Louvre while taking your time is now possible !

Our other Tours

Our other themes by bike

Paris By Night

Go by bike and be swept away by the magic of Paris at night

Paris Left Bank

The spirit of the Left Bank: From the Romans to New Wave.

Le Marais Libertin

Uncover another Paris at night. Explore the historic Marais district and more. There’s never a quiet night in the Marais.


A royal visit of Versailles

Vincennes / Bords de Marne

Nature & History at two steps from Paris

Giverny and Monet’s House

Take a full day; enjoy all the charm of Giverny. Immerse yourself in Monet’s world. Visit the magnificent gardens and the home of the Master of Impressionism.

Learn more about event planning and team building by bike

The advantages of a Private Tour with Paris Bike Tour

Thanks in part to the freedom of exploring on two wheels giving you priviledged access to the city, our private bike tours offer you a unique perspective of Paris while being environmentally friendly. And our Conference Guides are dedicated to providing you with an exclusive view of the city. Take the time to discover and explore the most famous monuments and the lesser known hidden gems of Paris. Through quiet backstreets and narrow passageways, to cycling paths and the car-free shores of the Seine, all of the city awaits you. Your local Conference Guide is anxious to share her love of Paris. In need of a pause? From the most spectacular to the most intimate, your born-and-bred Conference Guide knows all the best places. With family and friends? Something for lovers? Your Conference Guide adapts the theme and the route to suit all your needs. You have questions and/or comments? As a Parisian and much more she loves to exchange, discuss, teach and learn.

With our exclusive services you may choose the classic ‘Paris en Seine’ and/or ‘Paris Eternel’. Discover the atypical. Listen to the anecdotes and chatter of ‘Paris Populaire’. Or take a night tour with ‘Le Marais Libertin’, the most elegant, chic and still naughty district of the city. Go even farther and mix a bike tour with a food-tasting, museum or game (‘The Sweet Marais’, ‘Louvre Combo’). Live a different Paris experience.

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