Do I need to move to get the bike I rented?
No, Paris Bike Tour you book at home or in the hotel and recovered at end of lease.
Can I participate in the tour with my own bike?
I do not. For security reasons, visits are made with our own bikes that are checked before each ride.
The helmet is mandatory for bicycle traffic in Paris?
No, but it is advisable to wear a helmet to ride a bicycle in Paris. We offer free helmets available for tours or bicycle rental.
Do you plan a break for guided bike tours?
Yes, we expect a break of fifteen minutes chacunes our tours Paris by bike.
Should be top athlete to participate in the tours?
I do not. Tours are available to all persons who can ride a bike.
How long each of your guided bike tours?
Each of our tours last about 3H.
How do you ensure the safety of the group during the tour?
You should know that we prefer maximum cycle paths. In addition, each group is framed in addition to the guide of an experienced guide.
Make sure the tours in case of rain?
Yes, Paris Bike Tours offers guided tours throughout the year and provides ponchos in case of rain.
Y is there a minimum age to participate in the tours?
Yes, for security reasons, the minimum age is 12 years.
What’s the minimum amount of people that you will accept on a bike tour ?
From 1 to 7 people we can offer you a grouped guided tour with other holidaymakers and for groups of 8 people upwards we will provide you with an exclusive guided tour
How many days in advance should I reserve a bike rent or a guided tour of Paris ?
You should reserve at least 24 hours in advance.