Family Private Bike Tour of Paris

The Best selection of bike tour for an special family experience

Bikepaths are everywhere in Paris. Business is booming! More are being added all the time, for all ages, young and old. Take full advantage of our bike tours with Paris en Seine. Discover the legendary sites and monuments of the city.
Widen your eyes. Combine culture and pleasure: Visit the Louvre and the incomparable Mona Lisa.
Explore Versailles by bike. Discover the Château then wander the park and the majestic gardens and fountains.
A relaxing get-together with friends? A bike tour combined with a food-tasting at the most authentic of Paris markets is the way to go. Kids, teenagers and grandparents—too delicious to describe we’ve created a taste of Paris for everyone.

Combo Guided Bike Tour Bike Tour + Louvre Museum

Visiting Paris and the Louvre while taking your time is now possible !


A royal visit of Versailles

Paris en seine The banks of the Seine

Unique perspectives on the most famous sites of Paris while following the Seine.

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