Since 2002 Paris Bike Tour has been offering guided bike tours of Paris and the surrounding area lead by professional, knowledgeable and accomplished guides who are passionate about the most famous city in the world…Paris

Its forward-thinking and multilingual team has developed the savoir-faire needed to offer the highest quality services centred on the bicycle, combining a variety of activities from food tasting to out-of-the-ordinary visits to monuments and museums, offering visitors an unforgettable experience.

Explore hidden passageways and discover Paris by bicycle.

Only by bike can you discover the world’s most beautiful city at a rhythm that lets you savour and take in everything it has to offer. Uncover hidden treasures and respect the environment using the legendary and most state-of-the-art form of green transport.

What can be better than visiting the most beautiful city in the world by bike? It’s just what Paris Bike Tour offers you.

A visit in Paris – of course – but why a guided tour? A guide – yes – but which one?

If you visit a monument or a historic part of the city on your own, you won’t leave empty handed. But you’re going to miss too many stories; for example, who lived there and what did they experience.

And too often you might get lost – especially in the Louvre or the Père Lachaise cemetery.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take a guided tour. But be careful, too many people give the impression of being guides without being professional licensed tour guides.

A licensed guide undergoes a minimum of two years of university level training in order to allow you to fully profit from your visit through the sharing of their experience and knowledge.

To add to that, your guide also adapts the tour to what you know and what your expectations are while always being ready to answer questions. Our guided tours are all exclusively lead by professional licensed guides.